Picnic Basket Banter: Seun Olubodun

Welcome to the fourth installment of Picnic Basket Banter, a weekly series profiling Philadelphians who are participating in Dîner en Blanc Philadelphia. This series puts volunteers and attendees of Dîner en Blanc Philadelphia into the spotlight, asking a series of questions about their ideal picnic, favorite places in our amazing city and, of course, what they will be packing in their picnic baskets. Follow along here on the blog, Twitter, and Facebook as we highlight someone new each week to gather some ideas and learn more about your Dîner en Blanc Philadelphia dining companions!

Our fourth Picnic Basket Banter profiles Philly’s Seun Olubodun, the master of fashion behind the tres-chic local clothing company Duke & Winston.

Seun Olubodun and his English Bulldog, HRH the Duke. Photo by Sean Corbett Photography.

Dîner en Blanc Philadelphia: What is your favorite spot to picnic in Philadelphia?
Seun Olubodun: Rittenhouse Square.

DEB PHL: What’s your perfect picnic beverage?
SO: Blue Moon!

DEB PHL: Who would be the most interesting person (famous or historical figure) you’d like to share a picnic with–living or dead?
SO: Winston Churchill.

DEB PHL: Do you have a favorite picnic memory?
SO: Going to a picnic with my great grandfather in an old park from 1860 called Jesmond Dene in England.

DEB PHL: What will be on your Diner en Blanc menu? Do you have a favorite recipe you’d like to share?
SO: Baked potato dip… I’ve never made it, but its good, lots of sour cream, scallions, BACON, potato chips

DEB PHL: If you needed to put together a picnic basket for two in less than 30 minutes, what would you make/buy?
SO: Lettuce, apples, potato salad, bread, and cold cuts.
DEB PHL: What non-food items are always included in your picnic basket?
SO: Blanket, frisbee, soccer ball, sometimes a little croquet!

DEB PHL: If you were planning the first Diner en Blanc event in Philadelphia what would be your outdoor public space of choice be?
SO: Rittenhouse Square.

DEB PHL: What do you plan to wear and what will be the hardest part about putting together your Diner en Blanc outfit?
SO: White boat shoes, white seersucker pants, white polo.  Finding white seersucker pants could be difficult.

DEB PHL: How long have you lived in the Philadelphia area?
SO: 14 years.

DEB PHL: What’s your favorite thing about Philadelphia?
SO: It’s a big city, but has a small city vibe.

DEB PHL: What is your favorite restaurant in Philadelphia?
SO: Jose Garces’s restaurant Amada.

DEB PHL: If you were to plan “the perfect day” of things to do for someone who was visiting Philadelphia for the first time, what would their day look like from start to finish?
SO: We would start in Olde City and visit a lot of the historic sites during the day.  We’d then head over to the Art Museum area, then head to Rittenhouse Square and eat and people watch at Parc.  The evening would be spent checking out a Phillies game down at Citizens Bank Park.  We would end the night having drinks at a few different bars around the Northern Liberties area.

Seun and HRH the Duke, contemplating a dinner in white. Photo by Sean Corbett Photography.

Launched in mid 2009 by Seun Olubodun and his English Bulldog, HRH the Duke, Duke & Winston is a Philadelphia based clothing line (plus a limited dog line) that creates casual clothing for guys who favor substance, refinement and practicality. Conceptually, Duke & Winston draws its inspiration from Seun’s upbringing in various parts of the world, particularly his formative years spent in the UK. As a young and largely “one man and his dog” company, he is constantly striving to create products that meet the expectations for quality and style that his customers have come to expect.

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