Dîner en Blanc Philadelphia Guest Blogger: Jade Barnes, Shops at Liberty Place

Dîner en Blanc Philadelphia invited attendees to participate in a guest blogger series dedicated to all their favorite topics related to DEB.  Our first blogger in this summer-long series is Jade Barnes, Marketing Coordinator at The Shops at Liberty Place.


                                          Diner En Blanc: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
DEB Blog Post Photo 3 With one Dîner En Blanc under my belt, I am thrilled to be attending the annual fête again this year. To sum up the entire experience (once you arrive at the surprise location) in two words, its magical. What made the evening magical you may ask? Along with finally finding out the location, setting up shop and dancing the night away, making conversation with your surrounding DEB attendees is half the fun of the event. I know a lot of DEB attendees plan ahead with friends to sit together during the actual event, but last year my boyfriend and I were the only two out of all of our friends who attended Dîner En Blanc.

DEB Blog Post Photo 2While only making small chit chat amongst ourselves, once we finally made it to the DEB location, set up our table setting, appetizers and poured some wine – we thought “Well let’s talk to our neighbors.” Luckily for us, the two couples next to us were eager to talk about their previous time at DEB, share stories about living in Philadelphia and laugh with us all night long. The beautiful thing about DEB is that you get to meet so many people from Philadelphia that you wouldn’t necessarily meet from work or friends. This event is a wonderful social gathering and you definitely take a step out of your comfort zone meeting everyone!

My advice to everyone who is a first timer, do not worry about sitting next to familiar faces! Indulge in conversation with the people around you because you never know what will lead after that.DEB Blog Post Photo 1

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