Dîner en Blanc Philadelphia Guest Blogger: Ian Michael Crumm, Most Elegant Male Judge

Dîner en Blanc Philadelphia invited attendees to participate in a guest blogger series dedicated to all their favorite topics related to DEB. Our fifth blogger is Ian Michael Crumm of Boy Gone Blog. As you are putting the final touches on your ensemble, Ian gives us some great tips on staying ahead of Dîner en Blanc fashion!

DeB ian michael crummNo shorts, no cream and definitely no color! This is Dîner en Blanc, and as a guest judge for Most Elegant Male I expect everyone to attend in the most dapper of garments. Such as…

1) Full white suits with pocket squares, ties and a nice fedoras 2) Embellished vintage looks a la Garrett Olthuis’ 2013 ensemble or 3) Refined, simple and certainly all-white outfits.

If you’ve never gone to Dîner en Blanc before (it’s going three years strong now in Philly!), then you’re going to want to wear something white you already own OR head out shopping (better option). But before you decide whether you’re wearing something old and white or new and bright (white), let me give you the lay of the style land…

1) LIGHT-WEIGHT FABIRCS. It’s summer aka IT’S HOT! The combination of the heat, around 2,000 bodies and an amazing DJ resulted in people (or at least me) sweating their all-white selves to pieces. Look for garments made from cotton or linen. Preferably a blend of the two — lightweight and soft! Thankfully, many white garments you’ll find at the store are already cotton or a mixture with linen. Score.

2) ACCESSORIES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE WHITE, TOO. Yes you heard it here. No brown belts or other non-white embellishments allowed. Want to win the Most Elegant Male award? Then stay away from color!

3) HAVE FUN. We’re all in white, so it’s hard to stand out. Seriously, it’s really hard to find your friends in this crowd. If you want to win best dressed then it’s all in how you play up the details. Maybe you wear a lapel pin with a white flower or perhaps those streamlined loafers have nice white tassels daggling on them. Bring on your sartorial game and alert the judges that you did. @IanMCrumm & @MensStylePro on Twitter.

Headshot Photo Credit: Chris Fascinelli



DeB photo compliments- Sara Ann Kelly

Garrett Olthius (Most Elegant Male 2013) and Sara Ann Kelly

You get the idea? More style questions available on my En Blanc Pinterest board. I’m sure you’ll be IANspired. 😉

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 11.32.01 AM (1)  Revati Doshi and Ian Michael Crumm

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