Inside the Picnic Basket: Aunt Naomi’s Chocolate Fudge Cake

We all have a meal to prepare for Dîner en Blanc to pack inside our picnic baskets for the most enchanting evening of the summer. In this series, we bring the stories and recipes of local chefs and food lovers to help inspire your own magical meal. We are pleased to present the fifth installment of this year’s Dîner en Blanc inspired recipes. This recipe comes from Lari Robling, author of Endangered Recipes and an independent radio producer and food journalist. You can find Lari Robling championing the home cook in her monthly Top Cook column for the Philadelphia Daily News. After writing about 2012’s Diner en Blanc for Newsworks, she has had a change in heart about her wardrobe and can frequently be seen sporting white outfits. Look for her on twitter @Larirobling 


Now that Lari has attended Diner en Blanc, she knows the lay of the white land, so to speak, and her sage advice will be to make more finger foods to share with other tables! You can find more recipes in Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table for gougere, salmon rillettes, cabbage and foie gras bundles, goat cheese and strawberry tartine recipes.
But for dessert, Aunt Naomi’s Chocolate Fudge Cake from her book, Endangered Recipes, a classic American sweet that travels well because the frosting hardens. Bake in a foil pan or a light-weight pan that comes with a lid for traveling. It’s sweet, chocolatey, and deliciously shareable with all your new friends from the evening. 
Deb CC Recipe
Deb Chocolate Cake
Photo credit: Mark Thomas from Endangered Recipes

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